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Tools to support WIF with .NET 4.5


Since Microsoft did not provide a tool for update the TrustedIssuers from FederationMetadata as FedUtil did in WIF 3.5, the tool will read Metadata from an ADFS (probably from other sources, too) and replace the trustedIssuers inside a .NET Config file with the ones published in the Metadata.

The command line accepts the following:

INRUpdate.exe -m[etadataLocation] MetadataURI [-b[aseDir] "C:\configfile\search\directory"] -c[onfigurationFiles] "a\web.Config;b\web.Config#serviceName"


Giacomo Stelluti Scala (Command Line Parser Library):
Jaroslaw Kowalski (NLog):

Updates to come

I will shortly add some updates, which fixes a minor bug with displaying the help at all and i will link to an article how to ADFS-ify an Exchange Server.

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